Dear Friends, (from the newsletter)

Two announcements from the land of EB activities. A NY show and a brand new video. Read on.

The first official EB music video -truth, my friends, my first one ever! – is being delivered today for an exclusive stream premier by Paste Magazine. Thank you Paste! Please view here It drops right now. (God, I love saying that. It drops.) The song is Trouble You Don’t See from my new album Airless Midnight, and this little film, made with a small budget of dollars and a large budget of love, was cooked, stirred and spiced by my super talented friend, director/cinematographer/editor Nick Nehez, with additional seasonings by Anthony Tyler, Alexandra Auder and Ezra Haines. My deepest thanks goes out to all of them! Enjoy and please spread and share. Thank you.

Other news: my first show in many months happens next Friday, Dec. 11th at the Living Room. I am so damn lucky to be sharing the night with my talented friends and fellow members of the tribe. What is better? I will be joined by drummer Brian Wilson, who rocked Airless Midnight, and by my long time partner in guitar crime, Chris Cochrane (and he does do things likely considered criminal and illegal on that Strat.)  Also on the bill, pal Chris Rael and his fantastic Church of Betty, who brainstormed this event (thank you Chris!) and in the role of singing MC, Stew, yes the brilliant Stew of Passing Strange and The Negro Problem. Special guest Carol Lipnik will join him. So not too shabby company, I find myself in! I better start practicing.
Stew: 8pm
EB (with Chris Cochrane and Brian Wilson) 9PM
Church of Betty 10PM
Some more Stew with Carol Lipnik and maybe other surprises 11PM
I thank all the friends and supporters who have purchased Airless MidnightI appreciate it so much.And I’m so grateful to all the reviewers who have written so generously and eloquently about the album, which has been met with the most uniformly positive feedback of any of my recordings thus far. The individual responses I received from some of you have also been so beautifully expressed. Fellow creators, when you tell me you are writing your books or poems or drawing or painting while listening to my songs – you cannot imagine the joy I feel. C’est la merde.
Ah, you meant to get the disc but got distracted by news of Yolanda and David’s split on Real Housewives? I understand.

Paste Video Premier: you again and again. Hope to see you on Fr. 12/11 at LR. eb

 “Airless Midnight roams the streets of the psyche after dark taking oblique but epiphanic snapshots and scratching out observations with a sculpted efficiency. These are songs Raymond Carver couldn’t help but dance to.” Dave Cantrell, Stereo Embers